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God Stories

Natalie was in the hospital needing surgery. Her tonsils needed to be taken out. The family had no money to pay for the surgery.


She told her mother, "I have prayed and my Father had healed me. I don't need the surgery." God healed her.

I met Philip in San Pedro Sula. I hadn't planned on going there but immigration needed papers. Philip decided to visit his friend who was our taxi driver. We started talking. He asked if I was a Christian. I told him I was. I asked him if he was and he said, "No, but can you tell me how to become a Christian." He received Jesus.

Ledys had planned to get her car repaired on Monday. She got busy and came on Tuesday. She came into the reception area and we started talking. I shared the gospel and she received Christ. 

She said, "God is so good! If I had come her yesterday, I wouldn't met you and I wouldn't be saved.


I was with a group and it was hot, so I went back to the van to get some water. I ask Anna if I could sit on a bench in her yard. We started talking and she wasn't a Christian. 

Anna received Jesus that day. She was the first person that I led to the Lord speaking Spanish.

Sari came with a medical team. She loved the children so much. We talked and she wasn't a Christian.

We sat together and I shared the gospel with her. Now, she is our sister in Christ.

God opens doors when we are willing to share the Good News.

These are some of our children in our Saturday program. They received Jesus and wanted to be baptized. God is Good!

One of our teachers sent this picture. The girl couldn't wait to get to church to tell everyone that she had received Jesus.

We took a team to a public school. We shared the gospel and asked those who were interested to stay behind. We dismissed the group. These young people stayed to hear more. All of them received Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Bryce Chandler, a Spanish professor, came from Tennessee to work with us for a week. We had a special event and over 125 kids came. Bryce shared the gospel and 49 kids responded to the invitation.

Military Post - La Ceiba

God has given us a unique opportunity to minister to people. We ask Him to open doors and we are faithful stewards of each opportunity that God gives us. We have lots of different programs. Nothing is more important than telling people the Good News. Because of your prayers and support, we are reaching our community. We Hope that you are having God's Stories too!

Each Monday, a new group of military policemen rotates to the post near our home. When we go to  La Ceiba, we often buy pizzas and stop on the way home. 

We share the gospel and these men have received Jesus Christ.

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