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I started A New Kind of Dad ministry to help men become Biblical fathers who loved God, their wives, and their children. One of the greatest needs is a Godly man in the home.


In Honduras, half of the children that we minister to live in a home without any male influence. Sadly many men make babies, then abandon the family. With an education, the mother and children live in poverty. Many of the children tell us there is no food in their homes. 

Mark 6:34 tells us about Jesus seeing "a great multitude and was moved with compassion for them because they were like sheep without a shepherd." 

Nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing little children who are hungry and have no understanding of a loving God. It is our privilege to demonstrate the love of Jesus so they can see how much God loves them. 


Our Story

Four and a half years ago, God brought Maria Lobo into my life. What impressed me most about her was her love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Maria is a public school teacher, mother, and grandmother. She has been doing the work of a missionary for many years.

She shared her story with me. Her husband was murdered twenty years ago. For 18 years she prayed and ask God to send her a man who loves the Lord, who loves children, and is a missionary.

She asked me to pray with her and seek God for His will concerning a relationship. After many months, it was clear that God had brought us together. On August 1, 2019, she became my wife. Since then, we have been ministering in a small village in La Ceiba. 

When Covid his Honduras everything changed overnight. Our ministry to schools ended. Everything closed down. Since then, we have sought the Lord for direction and opportunities to touch lives. 

People were out of work. They had no money and no food. We prayed and God allowed us to provide food for many families. Doors began to open for us to share Christ.

Local Churches were open and most had Sunday School for the children. The teachers had no training and no lessons and no materials. 

Through a generous gift, we have been able to provide teacher training, lessons, supplies, and crafts to enable them to provide excellent classes to reach children.

We currently have eight churches that are participating in this program. Many children have come to know Christ. 


There is a tremendous need everywhere we look. These opportunities create lots of distractions. 

Sharing the gospel is our main focus. Our target group is children. If we don't reach them before the age of 20, most likely, without a miracle, they will never come to know Christ.

At the same time, we have doors open to minister and share the gospel. This past year, four military policemen have come to know Christ. 


We work through local churches to help them reach their communities.

God has provided us with a home that we use as a discipleship center. 

Every Saturday, more than 50 kids show up to learn about Jesus. They sing and memorize Scripture, each lesson is about Jesus. Many of the kids haven't eaten breakfast. We send them home with full tummies.


Your gifts make this possible.


Some of the things that we are doing to reach others with the gospel and help them grow in the Lord.

  • Teacher Training classes.

  • Saturday children's outreach.

  • Pastor training through Helios.

  • Discipleship classes for ladies.

  • Food distribution projects.

  • Christmas food baskets.

  • Military Police outreach.

  • Clothes closet for new babies.

  • Public School ministry.
    (Schools are starting to reopen.)


For more information about our ministry, please email me at

If you would like to mail a donation, send it to: ANKOD, 20 Exbury Drive,

Youngsville, NC 27596

You can call us at 336-673-5343

In Honduras 504-9989-1688

A New Kind of Dad ministries

A New Kind of Dad ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization incorporated (2015) in Raleigh, North Carolina. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Tax-id  47-4896491

Our headquarters is in Youngsville, North Carolina.

Our office in Honduras is located in El Naranjo, Atlantida, La Ceiba, Honduras.

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